Elephant Art Tells A Story

Our Beautiful Prints of Elephant Paintings Tell A Sad Story

All of our artwork painted by elephants tell a story. Each painting was carefully named to express some aspect of the elephants character or emotions we feel regarding the fate of the elephant. 

"Playtime" painted by the elephant Suda, was chosen to express the social nature of elephants. They too, like humans like to interact with each other play with each other and frolic about.

Elephants enjoy frolicking about in water pools and rivers.

"Just The To of Us" painted by the elephant Suda, was chosen to express the caring nature of elephants to their young. Elephants form a long lasting bonds and experience grief at the loss of a parent or sibling.

"Just Me" painted by the elephant Suda, expresses the despair at the rapidly declining number of elephants due to poaching and the illegal ivory trade. Thousands of elephants are killed every year and the danger of extinction is very real.

"Dusk" painted by the elephant Suda, expresses the hope of another day and that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. It also expresses a level of uncertainty as to the future for the African and Asian elephants.

"The Rose" painted by the elephant Suda, is a work of art chosen to express the friendly nature of elephants when they gain the trust of another. It is expressed in this piece of elephant artwork by the giving of a rose. 

Elephants have a very good memory and can remember acts of kindness towards them.
"One Lonely Bird" painted by the elephant Srinon. A very talented painter that retired early because of it's long tusks making it difficult to continue to paint.


"Golden Leaves" painted by the elephant Nam Tong, expresses the idea and hope that one day the elephants will be able to go back to their "homes". In this case it refers to their travelling to places they frequent, free of danger from poachers.

One Off Original "The River"

"The River" painted by the elephant Tanwa, expresses the hope of freedom of the elephants and their ability to move around unhindered by man. The elephants are tracked and stalked along routes that the elephants use in the search for water and food. This predictability often leads them into an ambush by the waiting poachers.

Once this beautiful elephant artwork has been sold, this style will no longer be available for sale from our store.