Thursday, April 15, 2021

Suda Creations "Playtime Flames"

Elephant Painting Increases Awareness In U.S. School

This elephant art by Suda, the painting elephant was a commission work for a school that was doing a conservation project. The teachers involved wanted to customise the colours of the leaves so that they matched the school colours.

This was to encourage students to participate in the project and to learn more about the elephant and the challenges they face for their ongoing survival.

We appreciate the efforts that the school made to educate their students about the importance of wildlife conservation and how important it is to be aware of the plight that these and majestic creatures face.


"We have a book in our library entitled: Tarra and Bella, about an elephant and a dog that bond at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. That book was the boost that I needed to do more research on the endangerment of elephants and the unfair treatment of those in captivity. 

I ran across a video clip of elephants enjoying music, a clip of Tarra and Bella, another of Shirley the elephant that was retired to the same sanctuary as Tarra, and then the one of Suda. I shared all of these with the students and they fell in love with Suda. One of our 5th graders suggested to me that we raise money for a painting in our library."

"...The fundraiser was managed by Susan and I. Several students campaigned in their own neighborhoods to sell lemonade, sell clay elephants they made themselves, and they covered the hallway outside the media center with posters. 

One student gave $80 of his birthday money. I called his mom to make sure she was on board with that donation. She knew nothing about it. So, she came to school, picked up his money,  and talked with him. 

In tears she came back to Susan and I, gave us a hug, and gave us the money back. At 8 years old, what he learned about elephants was a big enough impact that even his mother could not refuse.

In all they raised enough money to purchase the painting by Suda and send $200 to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 

As an educator, I believe we have to teach the whole child. Technology and academics will come, but we also have to teach with heart. When they leave us they should also be more aware of what they can do in this world  to help other people, animals and our environment..."

Lisa England, Media Specialist , Frank Morgan Elementary School.

Another lovely piece of elephant art painted by Suda the painting elephant.

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